How to Add Websites to Your Gravatar Profile

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Gravatar makes it easy to add websites to your profile. You can add links to any website, or you can choose from your existing sites to display a screenshot on your profile.

First, you'll need to Sign In to your Gravatar account.

Click on My Profile in the top bar.

Click on Websites in the left side menu.

Add Websites to your Gravatar Profile

You can add a link to any site by clicking on the "+" sign above Add Link. Just type a URL, give it a title, and and click the blue Save Website button.

You can also choose from your sites by clicking on the blue "W" above Add Site. This will display a list of your sites, including Jetpack connected sites:

Choose from your sites to add to your profile.

We'll list your websites right above where you added the information. To remove a link you’ve previously added, click the red "X" located next to the left of each site.

Websites you have added will appear below your photo on your Gravatar Profile.