Why Does WordPress.com Say I Already Have an Account?

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When signing up with WordPress.com, you might be informed that your email address is already in use.

This message means you already have a WordPress.com account in our system. This can happen if:

  • You previously signed up for a Gravatar account. Gravatar and WordPress.com accounts have used shared information for some time. If you have used Gravatar before we started requiring using WordPress.com accounts, please try signing in with your existing Gravatar account information.
  • You signed up for another Automattic service, such as WordPress.com itself, Akismet, or Crowdsignal, which are also part of the WordPress.com network. Please try logging in using your existing account information.
  • You signed up for a WordPress.com/Gravatar account at some point, but you've forgotten that you did so. If that's the case, please reset your password with WordPress.com and follow the instructions there. Once you have reset your password, please use your account to log in.