Profile Requests

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Base Request

Users may optionally enter a variety of profile information to associate with their Gravatar account. This information is openly-accessible using a similar process to requesting images.

A simple profile link looks like this:

where HASH is the email hash of a user. This request will automatically redirect to their username-based URL, so for example, you might get this: -->

An important point to note is that profile requests will only resolve for the hash of the primary address on an account. Users may have multiple addresses on a single account, so while a Gravatar image request may return a result, a profile request for the same hash may not.


Profile pages are fully marked up using hCard, a microformat for programmatically embedding information about people, companies, organizations, and places in HTML and other markup languages. The screenshot below describes some of the main markup involved on a profile page

  1. Email address marked up with class=email (only available via JS/client-side parsing due to spam-protection measures)
  2. IM accounts marked up using class=url (some values only available via JS/client-side parsing due to spam-protection measures)
  3. Phone numbers marked up with class=tel (using type/value subproperties)
  4. Verified accounts marked up with class=url and rel=me
  5. Name marked up with class=fn
  6. Personal Links are marked up with class=url
  7. Image (main Gravatar) is marked up using class=photo

Data Formats

Profile data may be requested in different data formats for simpler programmatic access. The following formats are supported:

  1. JSON
  2. XML
  3. PHP
  4. VCF/vCard
  5. QR Code